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When basic plasma cutting is not enough, the Routermate is there to fill the void. The Routermate
is designed for milling aluminum, drilling/tapping, routing wood, foam and plastic all while plasma
cutting too. The Routermate is the versatile platform for the do-it-all shop, a true versatile
machine for almost any use.
The Routermate is able to mount a variety of tools on its heavy duty extruded aluminum gantry.
All traditional Torchmate accessories can mount to the gantry as well as a spindle, drill and tapping
accessory. The multi-function platform can operate all of these tools for the ultimate parts creation machine.
The Routermate’s primary design goal is milling aluminum and dense plastics. This is accomplished
through the use of an industrial z-axis and a powerful variable speed spindle. The Routermate’s design
enables custom three dimensional parts creation at high speed with precise results.

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