TM 2

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One of our most versatile machines, the TM 2 is designed for a wide variety of workplace
environments. Available as a bolt together table or gantry kit, customers can select just the right size
and configuration to meet both their budgets and manufacturing needs.
All TM 2 tables utilize an easy, hand-tool assembled gantry that features a precise linear
slide and cassette system. This gantry moves along a rail that’s supported on both sides for the length
of the machine. The bolt together option includes an aluminum
extrusion support table that’s assembled with basic hand tools. This table includes everything
needed to start cutting except simple support slats made from locally acquired hot roll steel flat bar.
The bolt together option is ideal for customers needing a simple frame requiring no welding or
fabrication experience. No measuring or cutting is necessary to build the table, all components
are shipped ready to assemble. The bolt together frame is as sturdy as a steel frame of the same
design, and allows you to alter or transport the table easily.
The gantry kit option consists of a TM 2 gantry along with plans for both a basic support
table and also a water table that lend themselves to customizing. You provide the steel and
fabrication know-how to construct a support table. 
The TM 2 machine is an economical way of purchasing a large sized table capable of
producing the same quality parts as full scale industrial tables. TM 2 machines are the
embodiment of versatility, accuracy, and simplicity. Multiple processes are supported from plasma
cutting to routing of wood, plastic, and foam. The TM 2 can expand the capabilities
of a shop into industries that single purpose machines simply can’t.


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