TM 3

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Customers needing an industrial solution to CNC cutting need look no further than the TM 3.
It is designed from the ground up to be rugged, accurate, and simple. The key feature of the
TM 3 is a dropped side rail, which allows forklift loading without exposing critical motion
components to damage. Couple this feature with burly 3”x6” rail supports and the TM 3 is
ready for multiple shift cutting – from plasma to oxy fuel cutting to plate marking.
In a demanding industrial environment drive components need to be simple and easy to maintain.
The TM 3 utilizes low backlash enclosed gear boxes for smooth, repeatable motion.
Our global family of TM 3 customers build ships, tanks, off-road vehicles, gates, doors,
sculptures and thousands of other metal components. Available as a gantry kit or in bolt
together frame, the TM 3 can meet the demands of a high volume shop.


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