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Heavy duty industries require heavy duty machinery, and the TM X is there to fill the CNC need of
your production line. From the ground up the TM X is a solid steel table available as a gantry kit, turn key
water table, or turn key downdraft table. Unload the pre-configured table, cut the shrink wrap off, plug it in
and start cutting parts.
The TM X turn key water table features a dual chamber adjustable water bed made of robotic welded
steel chambers. No moving parts, No bladders. Nothing to fail. And best of all, no smoke!
Simple shop air is fed into the machine to quickly change the water level. Cut parts can be quenched and retrieved
with ease.
The TM X gantry is extra wide, allowing for multiple processes to be mounted simultaneously for increased
versatility in your finished parts. The TM X is ideal for high definition plasma cutting and multi-torch stations.
Fast reliable cutting delivered to your door – ready to work.

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